Sometimes we are so excited about all the amazing things our phones can do, that we find ourselves quietly “swallowing” their extremely poor behavior in some very basic things we need them to do.

So.. Your phone has GPS Navigation, taking HD videos of your kids has become a non-issue, but it takes you forever to simply redial the last number or get back to that missed call from a few seconds ago.

After all – your smartphone is very much a phone still. That being said – redialing should take you one second, not ten. And calling back should take you one click, not five.

Yes. Redialing should be done by one click from your home screen!

Enter RedHot Redialā„¢, and since yesterday, also RedHot CallBackā„¢.

The RedHot apps are simply “buttons” that sit on your home screen until you need them. Then they do one thing and one thing only:

“R” Redials the last number you dialed, and “B” calls Back to that last person who called you.

“R” and “B” give you exactly what you need, when you need it. One click, and you’re on the call.

We really can’t describe in words how great it feels to SAVE TIME :-)

You need to use it just once and you will immediately get it.

* * *

Ok, so now that we’ve put the redialing problem to bed once and for all, let me ask you this:

What do *you* think about basic stuff that smartphones are just bad at? Write us a comment below, and share your thoughts and ideas! (and maybe – just maybe we can help :-))

Yours truly,
AppQ Blogger