27 December, 2011

AppQ Releases Second Android Application: RedHot™ Redial

Less than 3 weeks from debuting its first application, HangApp™, AppQ has launched today its second Android application: RedHot Redial.

RedHot is a redial application that puts a maximum emphasis on speed. Ido Amir, AppQ CEO says: “AppQ is dedicated to making the experience of using a smartphone easier, and more enjoyable for everyone. RedHot was created after we realized that although there are quite a few redial applications out there, it seems there was no really well-designed one, that answers the most basic need of quickly and simply re-dialing the last number you called. Many apps provide some great options, such as viewing a list of people you were last in contact with, and their numbers to choose from, or a list of numbers arranged by incoming, outgoing numbers and so on. All these options are great, but they are useless when you are in a real hurry, and simply need to dial that last number again (which happens to all of us, quite frequently). We couldn’t find a app that does just that. So we created RedHot redial. And it works beautifully!”

Pini Reisman, AppQ CTO adds: “As addicted smartphone users ourselves, we saw that many times, not having a 1-click redial, can cause you to simply not be able to make that call at all. And this means you are not getting what you should be getting from your phone! For example, when you have just 30 seconds to say one last thing you forgot to say to your spouse, before the elevator arrives, and you rush into a meeting – if you need to spend 10 seconds looking for how to get him/her back, the elevator will be there, and you just couldn’t make that call. This shouldn’t happen. Not because of 10 seconds! Now, with RedHot, this problem is put to bed. Redialing takes about 2 seconds… And it’s easy, and there’s no stress. So you don’t miss important calls because you had to look for a number… RedHot solves a real problem. And that’s what we set out to do.” Amir points out another important example: “When people talk on the speaker phone while driving (in places and in ways where it is not prohibited by law of course), when their call gets disconnected due to bad reception or any other reason, people will try to get that call back on. Before RedHot existed, doing this was basically impossible without taking your eyes (and attention!) off the road for some long risky seconds!… Now, with RedHot installed, the user knows exactly where the RedHot button is, and knows all they need to do touch it once, and they are reconnected! So we actually found that RedHot is a tool that reduces risk as well!”

AppQ has already been receiving enthusiastic responses from users who have tried RedHot. AppQ expects RedHot Redial to spread quickly to users across the globe, and hopes it will become a “standard feature” with smartphone users. Reisman concludes: “..think of that standard Redial button you have on every land-line phone. It became a standard for a reason! They were right to put it there, and no one will take it out! So we are doing the same for smartphones! The way we see it, it just doesn’t make sense NOT to have a really fast, 1-click redial on your mobile!”

RedHot is now available for free download from the Android Market.

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21 December, 2011

HangApp approaches 1,000 downloads and quickly rising.

A bit after a week from launching its first product, AppQ is delighted to announce that HangApp is now approaching 1,000 downloads globally with a fast-increasing download rate.

“We believe HangApp is really a “must” feature to have on your phone”, says Pini Reisman, AppQ’s Chief Technology Officer: “a basic action such as hanging up should be simple for you to do. Nowadays it is too complex, many times annoying, and sometimes almost impossible. Think of wearing gloves and trying to disconnect a call..” He adds: “HangApp makes hanging up so easy, and always an option, because no matter the situation – you can always put the phone down on its face.”

Ido Amir, AppQ’s CEO says: “To some it might seem that a 1,000 downloads in the first 10 days isn’t such a reason for celebration, but we see this as “going wonderfully according to plan”. You see, the nature of HangApp is different than, for example, game apps. Games can get very high adoption numbers very quickly, but numbers will, at some point, start dropping, once users get their fill, and start looking for other games. HangApp, in contrast, never “gets old” – – quite vice versa – as time goes by you will find it harder to do without this app, and the abilities that it gives you. And although HangApp’s adoption rate may not be as fast as Angry-Birds’ when it first launched, the long term potential of HangApp is to become a standard app on Android devices globally. And this is exactly where we are aiming.”

Reisman adds: “In just over a week we have already gotten enthusiastic responses, and downloads from more than 45 countries across the globe, spanning 5 continents! To name a few, we have users in the UK, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Greece, Montenegro, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and other EU countries, HangApp is now gaining speed in the US, Canada and Mexico, but also in China, and India, in Thailand, the Philippines, Taiwan, S. Korea, Singapore and more countries in Asia, and of course, there is Australia and Japan, there is Russia, and in the Middle East we are happy to have users in Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and also Iraq. This is, as I mentioned, a partial list, which is getting longer by the day.” He summarizes: “The fact that people from all over the world are downloading and enjoying HangApp reinforcement our belief, that we have created a good product, which is universal in its nature, and can help everyone.”

AppQ is now working on a Pro version for HangApp, which will greatly extend the capabilities of the free HangApp version. HangApp Pro will add a list of exciting new features, bundled up in one beautifully-designed, high-quality, user friendly application. Expected PRO features are, for example, the ability to reject calls by placing the phone face-down, the ability to get an audio notice upon the disconnection of any call (and not just “face-down disconnections” – this completely relieves the user from the need to ever look at the screen again to verify disconnection), an elegant “Do Not Disturb” feature, and additional customization options.

Amir ends by saying: “We want our growing community of users to be assured, that AppQ is committed to creating only high-quality, well-designed, well executed products. We are determined to make the experience of using a smartphone more natural, and more enjoyable for everyone. And this can only happen if our products are simply excellent!”

HangApp is available for download on the Android Market.

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12 December, 2011

AppQ Launches First Mobile Application: HangApp

Today, AppQ has officially launched its first product, called HangApp.

HangApp is a smartphone application that allows users to disconnect a call (or “hang up”) by placing the phone, face down, on a flat, level surface, such as a desk. HangApp comes to answer the need to disconnect calls with simplicity and elegance, and without the need to press any physical or on-screen buttons. It makes the process of hanging up easier and faster, and is the first product that enables smartphone users around the globe to disconnect a call with one simple intuitive step, without needing to look at the screen at any point.

“We are especially excited about this first launch” says Ido Amir, AppQ’s Chief Executive Officer, “we realized that today’s smartphones, despite having incredible capabilities, are still lacking in some basic services they provide to the user.  Disconnecting a call nowadays requires too much attention from users, and is one of the clear shortcoming of smartphones – – which we have now solved through HangApp.” He continues: “HangApp is the first in a list of new products that AppQ will be providing to the global market in the upcoming months, all of which aim to make smartphones smarter, more helpful, and more enjoyable to users.”

Pini Reisman, AppQ Chief Technology Officer commented: “At AppQ we put the highest emphasis on providing value to the user. We spare no effort to make sure our users get a product that works great, is both designed correctly, and implemented perfectly. HangApp is the first one, but we have many more in the planning and some already in the works.” Reisman is very strict when it comes to professionalism: “We do not settle on reliability. In our book, if you can’t trust it to work well, you don’t really have anything. So we spare no effort, and make sure it works well.” .. “As for users We have already received some great reviews from people on HangApp, saying it is a smart and very helpful application. One user even said she’s addicted to HangApp by now..”

Pending is the HangApp Pro version, which will be AppQ’s first paid application. HangApp Pro is expected in the upcoming two weeks. While HangApp free version audibly notifies the user of “face down” disconnections only, HangApp Pro will enable users to be notified upon any call disconnection, (i.e. also when pressing the disconnect button) by a 2-chimes disconnection tone.  This feature completely frees smartphone users from the need to look at the phone to verify call disconnection.

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