HangApp™ is simple and beautiful.

It lets you hang up your phone by simply putting it face down on the table (or any horizontal flat surface).

When you are done talking, just put your phone, face down, on a desk, a restaurant table, a sofa, and actually, when sitting down you can use your thigh, and walking down the street, you can lift your arm and place it face down on it for a second. All of these will disconnect your call for you.

Ever had trouble getting to that elusive red button? have gloves on? screen stayed black, and you ask yourself “how am I supposed to hang up now?”, did the dishes and your hands are wet? holding a baby and need both hands ASAP? no problem – just put the phone on its face. HangApp will disconnect for you.

The new HangApp version (v1.1), just released (Feb. 13th) allows you to select from 3 or 4 different disconnect sounds. By “3 or 4” we mean that if you take a minute to recommend HangApp on either Facebook or Twitter, the app will automatically add a 4th sound, called “Ocean” for you to choose from. Ocean is sure to help you relax with its waves and hovering seagulls any time you use HangApp :-)

We hope you enjoy HangApp! A new and easier way hang up your calls.

Download HangApp from the Android Market:

Available in Android Market


Try the HangApp Sound!

–> This sound means: “Call Disconnected!”
–> Expect it a couple of seconds after you put the phone face down.

* Audio notification volume can be adjusted through Menu button ==> Settings ==> Sound Options


App screenshots: