Below are answers to some frequent questions we have been receiving from HangApp users around the world. If you cannot find an answer to your question on this page, please write us on the Support page.


–> How do I know that the HangApp service is running?

1) Go to the applications drawer, click on HangApp’s icon. The Activation button in the middle of the HangApp screen should be green, and have the word “ON” written in it. If it is grey, and says “OFF”, click it once, and it will turn green, and make the HangApp service active.

2) When HangApp is running, upon placing (or receiving) a call, an icon in the shape of a hand putting down a phone will appear for a few seconds on the right side of the call screen, indicating that HangApp is active.

3) You can always simply call out to some number you know will not bother anyone (e.g. your voice mail), and once the phone is connecting (or already on the call), put the phone face down on a flat horizontal surface. If it disconnects and you hear the HangApp sound, well, HangApp is on…

–> How can I test HangApp after I install it ?

There are a few options:

1) Call a number where you know no one will answer, and while the phone is calling out, place the phone face-down on a level surface; you will feel a short vibration, then the HangApp disconnect sound will play via the phone speaker, indicating that the call was disconnected.  This is the fastest way to test HangApp to see that it is working on your phone.  And since no call takes place, it is also free, so you can repeat this test as many times as you want without any cost.

2) Call someone, have them answer, and place the phone down on its face on a level surface, then wait for the HangApp vibration and sound to verify disconnection.

–> I have placed the phone down on its face, but the call did not disconnect. Why is that?

1) Currently, HangApp disconnects active calls, and outgoing call attempts. If you are trying to use HangApp to reject an incoming call – it does not support this feature. For more information on this, see the answer to “Can I use HangApp to reject incoming calls?” below.

2) Make sure HangApp is set to “ON” (the Activation button in the middle of the HangApp screen should be green and not grey)

3) Make sure you are putting the phone down on a (more or less) horizontal surface, and not clearly slanted. Also, make sure the surface you are putting the phone on covers the entire screen. For example: placing the phone face-down on an inflated basketball will probably not disconnect your call, because not all of the screen is covered. But placing the phone face-down on your thigh when you are sitting down on a train ride, in a way that covers the phone screen – should disconnect the call.

4) In some cases, HangApp may take one or two seconds to disconnect a call. Sometimes it can take a second to make sure your intention was indeed to disconnect (this verification comes to prevent calls from disconnecting by mistake). So after placing the phone down on a flat level surface, give it a second to lie there, and you will hear it disconnecting the call.

5) Make sure you did not disable HangApp’s audio and/or vibration notifications in the Settings screen. If you disable one of them, the feedback becomes less heard/felt. If you disable both sound and vibration notifications, HangApp will still disconnect the call, but you will not be notified! This is why it is highly recommended to always keep at least one of the two notifications ON.

–> Can I use HangApp to reject incoming calls?

Currently no. The current version (HangApp RED) only disconnects an active call, or an outgoing call that you initiated. AppQ will introduce a Reject Call feature in near future, as part of HangApp BLUE, which is expected to be available soon on the Market.

–> Did HangApp disconnect my call by mistake?

If there was no HangApp audio notification or HangApp vibration notification when the call got disconnected, then no, HangApp did not disconnect your call. Calls can get unexpectedly disconnected for a wide variety of reasons, such as bad reception, or an unintended touch of the phone’s screen during the call. If you are still concerned that HangApp is not functioning properly, please contact us through the Support page, and describe your experience, and we will do our best to provide a solution.

–> If I pull the phone away from my ear and bring it back again, will that disconnect my call?

No. HangApp is designed to disconnect a call only when the phone is pulled away from the ear, and placed on a level surface.


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